Student Testimonials

pss_szofelho.png„It's not just about learning new things. It's an overall great experience.”
EU Pécs Summer School (28 June - 7 July, 2018)

„It is a good thing to do in summer, great lectures, new friends, great city and a lot of fun.”
EU Pécs Summer School (28 June - 7 July, 2018)

„Great teachers, kind mentors and funny classes!”
Chinese Pécs Summer School (17 July - 15 August, 2018)

„Hungarian people are so friendly. When I see Hungary's magnificent scenery, I feel refreshed.”
Japanese Pécs Summer School (19 - 27 September, 2018)



„It is a wonderful time during the summer, everyone can learn the culture and traditions of Hungary and Europe and you can also make many friends with kind Hungarian people!”
Chinese Pécs Summer School (15-29 July, 2018)

„It is really a great opportunity for students to expand our horizon and gain great friendship.”
Chinese Pécs Summer School (15-29 July, 2018)

„It will be an unforgettable experience during your college life. You can make many friends and you can catch the magnificent scenes and understand the history behind them.”
Chinese Pécs Summer School (15-29 July, 2018)

„The summer school can not only broaden your mind and horizons but also bring you amazing relationships with each other.”
Chinese Pécs Summer School (15-29 July, 2018)

„The schedule is perfect. You come, you learn, you experience.”
Chinese Pécs Summer School (29 July - 4 August, 2018)




What a summer!
In the summer of 2018 the Center for Internationalization and Connections organized 6 summer schools for student groups coming from Mexico, Central Europe, China and Japan. 
Check out the slideshow below to see what a great time they had with us in Pécs: