Changing Europe – European Changes in 2020

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June 25 - July 04
Organizing unit
University of Pécs
Application deadline
April 15
Course fee
650 EUR
Target group
Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students
Language of instruction
6 ECTS credits
Course Location
Pécs, Hungary

This course examines the changing intercultural climate within the European Union in light of global challenges and pressures such as the ongoing refugee crisis, transnational terrorism and regional cooperation across Central and Eastern Europe, especially within the Visegrad Four. Globalization, or more precisely,”Glocalization,” will be discussed from various identity-related angles, including the perspectives of university cities bearing the title “European Capital of Culture.”


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Social program 

Our International Summer School will give you an opportunity to do more than just study!

During your stay we will organize various cultural events, such as our famous Quiz Night where different teams will compete with their knowledge about the European Union. We will also have a Pizza Night organised just for you! Is there anything better than chilling with a slice of pizza?

Do you want to also see some magic?

Our Summer School will provide you with the opportunity to be a part of the Zsolnay Light Festival, which is a multi-arts festival blending the amazing legacy of Pécs's 2000 years of history with a fantasy world. A whirl of cultural adventures and magical light projections in several locations throughout the downtown for three days.


Fees and Payment 

Program fee: 650 EUR

Program fee includes: course fee, meals, accommodation, social activities

Application deadline: 15 April, 2020

A special fee for the student of the University of Pécs: 30,000 HUF

Program fee includes: course fee, social activities


We provide you with accommodation in double rooms in one of our fully equipped dormitories (Szántó Dormitory).

Our dormitories are located in a quiet, residential area of the city. The venue of education as well as the city centre are easily accessible from our dormitories which have recently been renovated and meet the students’ requirements on the highest level. The rooms are non-smoking, nicely furnished and contain bathrooms. The shared bathrooms are new and modern. Bed linen is supplied and rooms serviced regularly. Free Internet access is available.



Further information about the dormitory can be found here:
Szántó Dormitory - H-7633 Pécs, Szántó Kovács János u. 1/c.

How to Apply 

Please write us an email to​ then complete our online application form which can be found here: !


Brochures and videos 

Watch this film to see how HAPPY people are in Pécs:

Film about the very diverse and fabulous international student community of the University of Pécs showcasting themselves at the International Evening in 2017:

And in 2019:

Contact Us 

Should you have any further questions please contact our colleague:

Dr. Gyöngyi Pozsgai
Study Abroad and Summer School Program Manager
Eszter Borsos
Study Abroad and Summer School Program Coordinator
Flóra Kanyuk
Study Abroad and Summer School Program Coordinator
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To visit the Office:
The Summer School Office is located at 4 Vasvári Pál street, Rector’s Cabinet, Centre for Internationalization and Connections, office No 127-128.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 15:00pm

Telephone Enquiries:
Tel: +36-72-501-500/12418

Postal Address:
Rector's Cabinet, Centre for Internationalization and Connections
University of Pécs,Vasvári Pál u. 4.
7622 Pécs, Hungary

Apply Now 

Please write us an email to​ then complete our online application form here: