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June 05
Organizing unit
Faculty of Business and Economics
Application deadline
June 05
Course fee
2200 USD
Target group
Language of instruction
7.5 ECTS credit points
Course Location
Pécs, Hungary

Do you want to make a real change in people’s lives by helping those who are not supported by anyone?  Do you want to be part of a team that brings students together from various disciplines and nationalities? Do you want to create new initiatives serve as solutions to complex socio-economic problems? The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program is for you!

This program is designed to train and mentor participants from diverse disciplines to get involved in improving not only their own but also their peers’ entrepreneurial mind-sets while making a real change in the Pecs region. Participants will learn and act as entrepreneurship consultants to assist groups and individuals in the Pecs region to expand their opportunity spaces.



There are some socio-economic-environmental problems that remain unresolved because neither the market nor the government, be it local or national, are willing to or capable of solving them even though their measures would make a huge difference in the life of many. This is when social entrepreneurs step up and generate implementable ideas that have the potential of changing the life of those who are affected by the problem. These self-driven, innovative, caring, and open minded individuals create “something out of thin air” while closely interacting with those affected by the problem, and travel through the fantastic journey of MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

At the Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program you can take part in this journey with likeminded students from many nations with different mindset and problems. You can learn the tools necessary to plan, implement and analyze the problems and solutions in real life setting by working on real life problems in the South Transdanubian Region of Hungary. You will be exposed to diverse socio-cultural impulses in the heart of Europe and will have the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries of Hungary in just a couple of hours reach.

If you want to spend a fun yet professionally rewarding summer month with international students in Central Europe, have valuable and unique work experience in your CV, don’t hesitate to register.


Social program 

Our international Summer School will give you an opportunity to do more than just study!


The social programs will include the following very enjoyable activities and events:

City Tour, Celebration of 4 July, Wine Tasting, Hungarian Cooking Competition


Fees and Payment 

Program fee:

Registration fee: 150 USD

Program fee: 2,200 USD

Early bird fee:

Registration fee: 150 USD

Program fee: 1,900 USD

Program fee includes:

course fee, meals, accommodation , attendance on social programs




Participants will be staying at:

Fordan Hotel (


How to Apply 

Who should apply

Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines who are seeking a unique opportunity for learning through experiencing business consulting entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Applicants may bring their own ideas, problems and businesses for the experience. Entrepreneurial mind-set helps individuals in every discipline, profession and cultural background to become more proactive, self-aware, visionary, innovative, risk sharing and influential.

You can find the online application form at:



Brochures and videos 

Watch our new film about last year's very useful and enjoyable Simonyi Summer Program.

Watch this film to see how HAPPY people are in Pécs:

Film about the very diverse and fabulous international student community of the University of Pécs showcasting themselves at the International Evening in 2014:

More films about the city and the univesity:


Contact Us 

Should you have any further questions please contact our colleague:

Ms. Lilla Kolos

International Relations Coordinator

Faculty of Business and Economics



Telephone Enquiries:

Tel: +36-72-501-500/23160

Apply Now 

You can find the online application form at:

This unique Pécs Summer School Program awaits you! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Send your application now !