XXI. Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University

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July 17 - August 14, July 17 - July 31
Organizing unit
University of Pécs, International Studies Center
Application deadline
July 01
Course fee
See at Fees and Payment
Target group
Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students
Language of instruction
Hungarian and English
6 ECTS (2-week program), 12 ECTS (4-week program)
Course Location
University of Pécs, International Studies Center

More information: https://isc.pte.hu/hu/summer_university

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded with 6 ECTS (2-week-long program) or 12 ECTS (4-week-long program).




Social program 


Fees and Payment 

Depending on whether you are a scholarship holder or an individual applicant, two different regulations apply:

  1. Those who have been granted a scholarship by Tempus Public Foundation do not have to pay for registration, tuition, accommodation (dormitory double room), meals (full board) or trips. All fees are waived. For more information about available scholarships please visit the website: https://tka.hu/english
  2. Individual applicants must pay the registration and tuition fees. Accommodation and meals are provided upon request and are to be paid by the applicant. The cost of the trips are also covered by the applicant.

Fees to be paid: registration fee, tuition fee (including lesson fees, study materials, consultation hours, administrative fees and end-of-course certificate)

Extra expenses: trips, meals and accommodation 



You can choose between dormitory or student house, and between single or double rooms. Of course, it is not mandatory for you to take any of these options; you are free to arrange your accommodation yourself.

How to Apply 

Please contact Ms. Zsófia Antal for more information about the application process at antal.zsofia@pte.hu.

Brochures and videos 

Have a look at previous years' participants enjoying their time learning Hungarian language: 




Contact Us 

For more information, contact Ms. Zsófia Antal at antal.zsofia@pte.hu

Or visit: https://isc.pte.hu/hu/summer_university


Apply Now 

Please contact Ms. Zsófia Antal for more information about the application process at antal.zsofia@pte.hu.