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Social Sciences

June 21 - June 30
Deadline of Application
December 15

Target group
to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students

Course fee
FREE of charge for CEEPUS Scholarship holders
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Organizing unit
University of Pécs
Course Location
University of Pécs, Hungary
Study Program

Please note that this program is not active anymore. It is displayed only for informational purposes.

The aim of the Europe in the Global Arena Summer School is to help students understand the political, economic, cultural and social accomplishments and challenges of the European Union, as well as to learn about the contributing factors that led to contemporary Europe. The interdisciplinary program provides a comprehensive introduction to the political, economic and social processes as well as the characteristics of the rich cultural heritage and cultural diversity in the European Union.

  In addition to the history of European integration and the specifics of the work of the EU institutions, the winter school explores the European Union's role in world politics, the political processes as well as the current economic and social situation in the European Union. Students will also learn about the political, economic, social and cultural impacts of migration on Europe as well as the defining ideas related to sustainable development and the results achieved so far in the EU, related to the topic. Gender history and current gender issues in Europe will be also revealed in the framework of the winter school.

  As intercultural communication plays an important role in the culturally diverse European Union these days, students will also gain insight into the most important issues of European intercultural communication in an interactive class.

Learning outcomes:

The summer school will:

  • develop students’ comprehensive understanding of the political, economic, cultural and social achievements and challenges of the European Union
  • help students understand the political, economic and social processes of the European Union
  • develop students' comprehensive understanding of European history and the history of the European integration
  • introduce students to the work of EU institutions
  • help students understand the cultural diversity of Europe
  • help students comprehend the cultural heritage and traditions of Europe
  • enable students to independently define different movements in European art history
  • help students understand the relationship between identity, heritage and culture
  • develop knowledge of European cultures and their influence on human behaviour
  • improve students’ cultural awareness and intercultural communication skills.

Teaching methods:

  • lecture
  • discussion
  • group work

The schedule of the preliminary program:winter program

  Participating students will have lots of opportunities to join various social events taking place online.

  The Online Winter School program includes the following:

  • Team Building Session
  • Intercultural Evening
  • Quiz Night about the European Union
  • Online City Tour of Pécs
  • Game Session

During the program Hungarian student mentors will organize various very interesting and enjoyable social programs for the participants with the aim of creating a community.

winter program

FREE of charge for CEEPUS Scholarship holders. The CEEPUS Scholarship covers your tuition and participation in various social activities.