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Social Sciences

April 24 - April 28
May 11 - May 12 (online)
Deadline of Application
March 20

Target group
undergraduate and graduate students

Course fee
Erasmus+ funded
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Organizing unit
University of Pécs, International Centre, Study Abroad & Summer School Office
Course Location
University of Pécs, Hungary + online through Microsoft Teams
Study Program

Please note that this program is not active anymore. It is displayed only for informational purposes.

This course examines questions of identity, culture, and globalization with a focus on understanding different cultures. Students will interact with other students from different countries and reflect on their own cultures. In addition to understanding the cultural diversity, students will improve their intercultural competencies through communication workshops, self-reflection, and empirical research.

This course is an ERASMUS Blended Intensive Programme organized together with the University of Cagliari and the Pan-European University. Students of the three universities will be required to complete a collaborative assignment in group work, which they present to the class.

In addition to the academic program, students also have the opportunity to get to know the rich cultural heritage of Pécs in person. As part of the program, the sights of the downtown Pécs will be introduced and students will explore cultural institutions established within the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture Project. The academic and cultural program elements are complemented by interactive team-building events in the evenings.


  • Promoting understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Improving ability to conduct empirical research.
  • Improving intercultural communication skills


Virtual component description:

The course starts with in-person lessons in April 2023 (class#1- class#11). After the one-week in-person classes, the online part of the BIP course will be conducted twice in May 2023 for a duration of 90 minutes (class#12 and class #13). In online classes, students present the results of their previously completed group tasks.

Students of the class are divided into 9 groups during the in-person classes. Each group includes one student from the University of Cagliari, one from the Pan-European University and one from the University of Pécs. The course instructors assign the students to the groups. Each student conducts one (paired) interview with the other two students of his or her group.

Optional topics of the interviews are listed below. One particular topic can only be covered once in a group. In one group, interviews should be conducted on 3 listed topics. Each interview has one interviewer and two interviewees. So each student is an interviewer once and an interviewee twice within the group.


Themes of the interviews:

Discuss how your cultural/ethnic background, race, socio-economic status, religion, and/or your gender could impact your work and personal relationships. What are the main cultural differences and similarities in your professional and personal life? The focus of the interview will be on the interviewees’ cultures, values, backgrounds and beliefs as well as the interviewees’ perspective on how social justice impacts societies and cultures (i.e. benefits, barriers).

Beside the general introduction, the interviews should examine one particular topic below.  The division of topics (i.e. who will conduct the interview on a certain topic; who will be the two interviewees, etc.) is decided by the group members themselves.

Topics to be examined (1 interview can only cover 1 topic)


A.          Forms and level of racism in the society, impacts of migration on the society & the situation of minorities in the given country.

B.          Gender issues in the interviewees’ culture.

C.          The role of churches and religion in civic life (education, health care, welfare, lifestyle and everyday life). Attitudes in the given society regarding other religions.

D.          Forms and level of ageism in the interviewees’ culture


The transcripts of the full interviews have to be sent to the instructors via e-mail.

Group members work together to create a ppt slide show to be presented during the online sessions in May. The ppt slides have to be sent to the instructors prior to the online classes.


Student groups give online presentations on the findings of the interviews.

Duration: 15 minutes with Power Point / group

Submission of the joint ppt due 8 May 2023

Group presentations will take place on 11 and 12 May 2023, on MS TEAM (classes #12-13)


Virtual Component Duration: 2X 90min.


The preliminary program of the course:

preliminary program

The academic and cultural program elements in Pécs will be complemented by various engaging social programs to provide a unique and enriching intercultural community experience.


The Erasmus + program covers: full tuition, lunch on teaching days, two dinners, participation in exciting social programs

Students of the University of Cagliari and the Pan-European University need to apply at their home universities