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New Trends and Techniques in European Nursing

This one-week program offers theoretical and practical experiences to students in the field of Nursing Science and Nursing Education in Europe. The program includes hands-on practice with the most frequently used nursing technology, such as phlebotomy, blood group evaluation with bed-side testing, insertion of peripheral venous access, bladder catheterization and central vein insertion. The course focuses on the new trends and techniques in the developing field of Nursing Science and includes visits to different patient care facilities in Pécs.


The Quality of Life (Health, Recreation and Ecotourism)

The aim of the program is to introduce students to the unique recreational and rehabilitative possibilities of the South Danube region resulting from special environmental factors in the area and the multicultural social environment. In this 10-day program, theoretical lectures and field trips will give participants a deeper understanding of the recreational and rehabilitative factors helping specialists in the field of health, eco and sport tourism to organize high quality programs in this area of Hungary.