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Current Challenges of European Integration in a Global Context

This 10-day course focuses on current issues of European integration in a global context from a legal perspective. The course includes the following topics: The Role of the European Parliament in the EU Institutional Structure; Judge-made Laws in the EU: The Role of the Court of Justice; The Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe; Regulating and Managing Migration and Asylum: the EU Perspective; The Protection of the Environment in the European Union; Information and Communication Technology Law in the EU and the World; and International Protection of Minorities: The European Model in Context.


Public Administration Challenges in a Global Context

The aim of the program is to acquaint students with the main characteristics of Public Administration in a global and European context. The topics cover various aspects of public administration and analyze current challenges in this field, taking into account the relevance of EU membership for Public Administration. The course includes lectures, workshops, field trips and social programs.